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SpaceX announced its Starship rocket will be taking to the skies in its fourth launch, which will have a different goal than previous launches. Continue reading at TweakTown >
ID Software’s Legendary DOOM franchise is expected to have its next installment unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase scheduled for June 9. Continue reading at TweakTown >
The AI race caused the US government to implement export sanctions on NVIDIA’s top AI chips, resulting in the chip manufacturer having to drop prices. Continue reading at TweakTown >
AMD CEO Lisa Su spoke at the ITF World 2024 conference, where she outlined the company’s plan to achieve 100x power efficiency improvement by 2027. Continue reading at TweakTown >
PC Manager recommends users ’repair’ their system by reinstating Bing as the default search in Edge - and it might just become a default app. Continue reading at TweakTown >
Apple has finally addressed the controversial iPhone bug that involved deleted photos reappearing on the device, even permanently deleted photos. Continue reading at TweakTown >
Spotify has informed Car Thing owners that the device they purchased less than two years ago will soon become worthless, and no refunds will be granted. Continue reading at TweakTown >
US officials have said in a series of statements that Russia’s recent rocket launch that occurred last week likely put a space weapon in orbit. Continue reading at TweakTown >
Another stacked episode of TweakTown’s weekly podcast and video show, with the TT Show covering the new Copilot+ PCs from Microsoft, NVIDIA news, and more! Continue reading at TweakTown >
The US government is looking to reinstate Trump-era Tariffs on graphics cards, motherboards, and other PC hardware from China - to the tune of 25%. Continue reading at TweakTown >