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After the success with the Crusader Kings III: Chapter III season pass, Paradox have decided to give the same treatment to Stellaris with Stellaris: Season 08. We also have a new trailer and release date for Stellaris: The Machine Age.
I know plenty of people who will probably be quite interested in the Devious Deckbuilders Humble Bundle, which includes some pretty great games.
Bazzite is one of the most interesting versions of Linux available for handheld gaming devices, and the latest release version 2.5.0 is out now with some great improvements.
Twenty years after the first release, OpenTTD 14.0 has been made available bringing with it some really useful sounding features to enable new ways to play.
An essential tool for anyone wanting to configure their fancy Razer devices is OpenRazer, with version 3.8.0 just released bringing expanded support on Linux.
Inspired by the core gameplay of Minecraft, the name MineClone2 was not a particularly good one and it seems the developers were aware and so it’s gone through a rebrand to be now called VoxeLibre.
GE-Proton 9-3 has been released, and it includes a fancy new option to hopefully prevent you having issues with modded games when moving between systems like a PC and a Steam Deck.
Valve pushed out a new upgrade to Proton Experimental, their staging ground for public-testing of what will eventually make its way into a main Proton release for playing Windows games on Linux Desktop and Steam Deck. The April 12th update is quite an interesting one too.
Ludeon Studios just released RimWorld - Anomaly, a huge new expansion to the colony-building sim filled with all sorts of crazy looking horrors.
Palworld is set to expand in multiple big ways, which actually sounds quite exciting with a whole lot of new content set to arrive in the monster catching game.