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12/10/2023 09:46

Aesthetic Body AND Performance RAW Ep.2

Performance, Aesthetics, or both? In this RAW episode we dive into healthy ways of making fitness a lifelong journey rather than a means to an end. Visit for 30% off your first subscription order (discount automatically applied at checkout) 00:00 - RAW Intro 00:24 - Why Do We Train? 01:12 - Motivations 02:51 - The Process 05:40 - Byproduct 06:43 - HVMN Keytone IQ 07:31 - Performance 10:04 - Practice 13:08 - Conclusions Check out my FULL interview on the FitnessFAQs Podcast ► PROGRAMS: 90-Day Bodyweight Strength, Mobility and Movement Program ► FREEBIES: Mobility Training Plan ► The Daily Practice ► Bulletproof Knees ► SOCIAL MEDIA: Strength Side ► Video production by What drives your training? What fuels your motivation? What are your long-term aspirations? Many of us initially embark on strength training or exercise for surface-level reasons, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, will it be sufficient to sustain your commitment over time? As long as we consistently dedicate ourselves to daily workouts and put in the effort, pursuing a pleasing physique is not detrimental—it’s quite the contrary, in fact. However, the real challenge arises when motivation wanes because superficial objectives may not be compelling enough to keep us consistently engaged. Our aim is to remain active, in motion, and unwaveringly dedicated. What is your underlying motivation?

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