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28/11/2023 03:30

Do THIS to OVERCOME Low Mental State (Stretching Follow Along)

We need a strategy to face low motivation. Number one is we need some movement to get our blood flowing and nourish our joints... from there we can can start to build a more structured routine with cardio and strength. PROGRAMS: Best Follow-Along Routines ► 90-Day Bodyweight Strength, Mobility and Movement Program ► FREEBIES: Mobility Training Plan ► The Daily Practice ► Bulletproof Knees ► SOCIAL MEDIA: Strength Side ► Ever experienced that struggle of knowing you should be working out but lacking the motivation? Josh shares his insider knowledge on staying consistent regardless of his mood. His tips are like a shot of energy, giving you the boost you need to go seize the day! This is Josh’s 3 step approach to training when you’re low. 00:00 - Low Motivation Philosophy 00:31 - Step 1: Follow Along with This 08:10 - Step 2: Go For A Walk 08:43 - Step 3: Max Effort 09:39 - Screenshot Routine

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