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02/11/2023 12:30

How Rope Flow Changed my Body

Is Rope Flow just a party trick or is it ACTUALLY good for your body? In this video I discuss the benefits I’ve seen with Rope Flow and how to apply to your training. Unlock your AG1 Offer ► Dragon Roll Tutorial ► Way of the Rope ► WeckMethod ► PROGRAMS: Best Follow-Along Routines ► 90-Day Bodyweight Strength, Mobility and Movement Program ► FREEBIES: Mobility Training Plan ► The Daily Practice ► Bulletproof Knees ► SOCIAL MEDIA: Strength Side ► Trevor Hash ► What is Rope Flow? What are the benefits of rope flow? Josh shares his firsthand encounter with Rope Flow, highlighting its positive impact on his body, enhancing connectivity, influencing various muscle groups, and boosting overall mobility. This low-impact exercise seamlessly combines movement and mindfulness, providing a calming effect on the mind as the body gracefully engages in motion. 00:00 Introduction 00:26 - Benefits 01:56 - AG1 Ad 03:08 - Overhand-8 04:08 - Underhand-8 06:17 - Dragon Roll 06:38 - How to Apply It

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