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08/11/2023 03:30

What I learned from quitting Caffeine

Claim your free LMNT sample pack ► PROGRAMS: Best Follow-Along Routines ► 90-Day Bodyweight Strength, Mobility and Movement Program ► FREEBIES: Mobility Training Plan ► The Daily Practice ► Bulletproof Knees ► SOCIAL MEDIA: Strength Side ► Trevor Hash ► What’s the deal with caffeine? Trevor takes a deep dive into the world of caffeine, exploring both its positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, Trevor discusses the immediate boost in alertness and improved mood that caffeine can provide. Additionally, the potential cognitive benefits, such as enhanced focus and concentration. However, he also delves into the downsides, addressing issues like caffeine dependency, sleep disturbances, and the jittery side effects that some individuals may experience. What is your relationship with caffeine? 00:00 - Intro 01:44 - My Caffeine Journey 02:59 - Our History with Caffeine 05:29 - LMNT 06:19 - Negative Effects 09:35 - Caffeine Sports & Exercise Benefits 12:50 - Caffeine and Flexibility 13:34 - Caffeine and Weight Loss 14:11 - Caffeine and Mortality 15:21 - Trevor’s Takeaways 17:40 - In Closing

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