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25/10/2023 05:47

NATURAL Mobility Program (EVERYDAY)

Want to open up your body and become more flexible naturally? These are natural positions that can be used throughout the day to stretch and relax into. These have big bang for your buck so you can get more mobility with less work. 0:27 - Seiza 1:06 - Squat 1:48 - Downward Dog 2:43 - Crab 3:24 - Long Lunge 4:04 - Horse Stance 4:42 - Hang 5:12 - Screenshot PROGRAMS: Best Follow-Along Routines ► 90-Day Bodyweight Strength, Mobility and Movement Program ► FREEBIES: Mobility Training Plan ► The Daily Practice ► Bulletproof Knees ► SOCIAL MEDIA: Strength Side ► Trevor Hash ► Regularly incorporating these positions into your routine will lead to increased mobility throughout your entire body. Trevor guides us through each stance to ensure confidence in every exercise, but feel free to focus on your preferred movements. Whether you choose to master a specific exercise or perform them all together for a comprehensive warm-up or cool down, this is an excellent starting point for enhancing your mobility.

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