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The house may appear as a mere physical artifact, but it contains larger stories of American migration and growth, reckonings with exclusion, and the advent of new technologies. The post Pieces of the Past at the Doctors House: Glendale, California appeared first on Public Books.
Don’t plan to make individuals retrain for new jobs. Instead, build a society that upholds the lives of everyone. The post Politics—Not Tech—Can Save Black Jobs from AI appeared first on Public Books.
“In terms of the machine learning programs or robots that we have now, I basically think of them as being comparable to thermostats.” The post Developing AI Like Raising Kids appeared first on Public Books.
Six weeks ago—on October 31, 2023—the British Library suffered a massive cyberattack. What has been lost? The post How to Lose a Library appeared first on Public Books.
The most tweeted about show of the decade, “Euphoria” provoked viewers to gossip about its teenage characters. What did they say? The post Twitter Ethics Swarm “Euphoria” appeared first on Public Books.
The videos of TikToks can easily reach billions. But because the app won’t share what’s popular, we don’t know just what the world is watching. The post What’s on Top of TikTok? appeared first on Public Books.
Tech titans gained power and wealth from the accumulation of data, but that doesn’t mean they are equipped to be long-term stewards of personal and collective memories. The post Dead Links appeared first on Public Books.
“I’m looking for [companies] where, you know, at the end of it, there’s some big payoff… You know, would that excite me?” The post Who Picks the Next Kings of Tech? appeared first on Public Books.
Women invented cyberspace. Yet today’s internet rewards misogyny with fame, wealth, and power. Could it be otherwise? The post Weaving a Feminist Cyberlaw appeared first on Public Books.
As the planet warms, environmental destruction obliges us to revise the technoscience expertise and institutions once based on colonial legacies. The post Protean Environment and Political Possibilities appeared first on Public Books.