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This article suggests that the scientific community is far from reaching a consensus.While I concur with the premise that our current paradigm falls short in answering this question, I part ways with the view that we are at the beginning of our journey.In fact, we have developed Geneosophy
Today, I was having a conversation with one of the individuals I collaborate with on Geneosophy. As is often the case, I asked him if we haven't collectively lost our minds with Geneosophy. This question arises because when you delve into Geneosophic comprehension, you enter a realm where
This is an unusually long post, but also quite interesting in my humble opinion. The main takeaway is that large language models (LLMs), like any other computer programs, have an insurmountable problem with meaning. What does a phrase or a word truly mean? Can meaning be derived by a program
I am currently working on Formal Geneosophy, which deals with the practical applications of Theoretical Geneosophy.I was tempted to describe the tools developed within Formal Geneosophy as the Algebra of Possibilities. However, algebra deals with actualities or the manipulation of numbers and equations. The term "algebra" comes
It seems that Milan is going through a period of renaissance, unlike in 2014 when I left and some friends are moving back to Milan as well. I am not moving back, I will be there for just one month.
I find it useful to be able to compare Geneosophy with the thought of other thinkers. It is a bit like being able to discuss with Bergson, at least as close as it gets.
Consciousness is the holy grail of our quest to comprehend who we are. We feel conscious, there is no doubt about it. But understanding consciousness has been outside our reach so far. It is a strange state of affairs, we have elucidated so many mysteries about the world, thanks to
Science is considered to be at the pinnacle of human achievements, a truth seeking enterprise of rationality and objectivity, based on the scientific method introduced by Galileo. Given the innumerable successes of science, one does not feel the need to take a leap of faith when embarking in the scientific
We are brought up communicating in language, but language fools us into thinking that we do know what THINGS ARE, that we comprehend what the abstract THING IS. Thus we conceive of our minds as being the cognitive THING that can be understood and implemented within the computer metaphor: input
The following sentences should convey a concept:If YOU comprehend but do not understand, YOU have an intuition.If YOU comprehend and also understand, then YOU can explain.But if YOU understand without having comprehended YOU can only parrot.Do you only understand or understand and comprehend the concept?As