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Moving Cities PeerTube channel
12/01/2023 11:27
Dallas, a modern metropolis, the commercial and cultural hub of Texas and the setting for the seventh Moving Cities film. Commissioned by Visit Dallas, Moving Dallas is an artistic comment on the city as it stands today. Not the JR Ewing and cowbo...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
12/01/2023 10:53
Moving Barcelona is a magical realist dance story about the Catalonian capital, an autonomous region in the Spanish State contending with an identity crisis. A city with everything going for it is still haunted by the ghosts of its past and despit...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
12/01/2023 10:36
Commissioned by the Arts Council England, Moving Southwark is a magical realist take on one of 33 London Boroughs and oldest parts of London. Part of the wider Moving Cities remit to investigate culture and people via expressions of dance, we tak...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 04:22
An experimental teaser for TfL capturing Martha Leah Wilkinson in Old Street, London. Music ’Pale Horses’ licence generously granted by Moby.
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 04:10
In response to hand-wringing and despair over the economic crisis in Greece, this wordless video celebrates beauty, grace and civilization in the streets of Athens. Taking to the streets and working with the natural hustle and bustle in cities aro...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 03:48
London is an inferno, an everyday arrangement of old and new set against a symphony of people. The cars, the trains, the machines. It is a system of magical convenience. The concern of this film and the wider Moving Cities project is the bizarre a...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 03:34
Together with the British Council, Festival Tanecnich Filmu and composer Danny Odom we bring you Moving Prague. This short film observes the meeting of 58 dancers and the capital of the Czech Republic. Captured over 3 days, Moving Prague propels ...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 03:17
Yerevan is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. The history of it’s people simply measured in millennia. I encourage all to take a brief look at Armenian history before watching. Filmed over 3 days and 3 nights against everyday...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 03:00
A short film capturing some of the most talented Belgian dancers during a Brussels rush hour. Moving Brussels is framed as an experimental conversation between dancers and their city. Shot over three days the film marries 29 dancers with the Bruss...
Moving Cities PeerTube channel
10/01/2023 02:05
The second instalment in Moving Cities explores the city of Paris. 22 Parisian Ballet, Contemporary, Electro and Krump dancers captured on the streets, metro and Paris RER. Dancing is a method of release capable of transcending race, age, gender a...