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Senses of Cinema
06/02/2023 09:30
Often cited as Federico Fellini’s most autobiographical film and the last of his greats, Amarcord (1973) can also be seen as one of the most autobiographical works produced by its screenwriter, Tonino Guerra. Guerra and Fellini were born in 1920, only two months apart and just a few kilometres away from each other in Santarcangelo […]
Senses of Cinema
31/01/2023 12:30
A lifelong cinephile, professional film projectionist (35mm and 70mm), and independent filmmaker, Rob Murphy is an optimistic anomaly within the industry. He, and his docu-quest through big and widescreen formats, Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey, are a far cry from the crusty old stereotypes of old school film projection. His journey begins in the 1950s […]
Senses of Cinema
31/01/2023 10:06
As is customary for the sensible folks at Senses of Cinema, we begin the new year by looking backwards. Our annual World Poll invites authors and audiences to reflect on their cinematic highlights of the previous year. This year’s zeitgeist thermometer for the world of film catalogues submissions from Australia to Albania, Iran to Indonesia, […]
Senses of Cinema
31/01/2023 09:41
In Berlin and Los Angeles, the cities where we live, passing a construction site means encountering the promise of an architectural future. Real estate developers announce their spotless visions as digital renderings, complete with artificial trees and faceless humans enjoying a lunch break in the sun. Computer-generated images such as these reframe the world as […]